The Small Press Review


June 1, 2015

The Small Press Review ceased publication with Vol. 47, nos 5-6, May-June 2015.

While this has been a labor of love, there does come a time when one must take a hard look at things, and do the math. It may come as a shock, but a publication dedicated to reviewing books and magazines published by small presses is not a huge moneymaker. We were not, of course, doing it for money. But it has become increasingly difficult to justify continuing in light of the dwindling (or negative) return.

We also cannot overestimate the loss of the wonderful Bob Grumman (1941-2015), a hugely generous and dependable contributor.

The founding publisher and editor, Len Fulton, would have turned 81 last week. We think it’s safe to say he would have to do this very thing himself. Even if he could mentally handle it, the sheer physical labor of hauling bins of books back & forth to the post office would not be possible without (presumably paid) help. For him, the SPR/SMR was the focus of his daily life to a large degree. We could in no way match his love for it, his vast knowledge of its subject matter, and his relationship with the contributors, publishers, readers, and subscribers.  We continued to publish SPR after Len’s death to honor his vast legacy. We could not have done so without the incredible momentum and loyalty demonstrated by his supporters (and we harbor no illusion that we could in any way replace him). It has been a fascinating, frustrating, illuminating, and ultimately joyous ride.

To the many extraordinarily talented, gifted and loyal reviewers -- we thank you! For the uninitiated Dustbooks did not pay nor accept payment for reviews -- it was the generosity of our reviewers who sustained SPR for forty-seven years.

For current subscribers (both personal and institutional) -- you will receive a refund for the unfulfilled portion of your subscription. Access to the online issues will continue for reviewers and current subscribers as long as Dustbooks lives.

Susan Fulton Raymond
Kathleen Glanville