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Sweepstakes 2017

From the Directory of Poetry Publishers
33rd Edition, 2017-2018

One of the things Dustbooks asks editors in the annual survey from which this directory of poetry publishers is compiled is to name five poets whom that editor has published recently.  Of course there are many ways to measure a poet’s popularity.  This is just one of them.

This list has been compiled and called the “Sweepstakes” for thirty years now and each year the list comes out slightly different from the year before. Again this year Lyn Lifshin of Vienna, Virginia came in first and Virgil Suarez of Tallahassee, Florida second. Lifshin held the top spot on this list for almost twenty years until Suarez overtook her a few years ago. Six years ago she moved back into first place.

The frequency curve of statistical distribution continues to reflect the very populism of poetry in this age. The curve is a long, flat one with the poet named most often getting 37 entries out of almost 6000. As far as this directory and these responses are concerned, no single poet holds the national attention.

The top fourteen entries go like this:

Rank    Poet   (Entries)

1       Lyn Lifshin (37)
2       Virgil Suarez (26)
3       Simon Perchik (21)
4       Albert Goldbarth (14)
4       W.S. Merwin (14)
5       Alan Catlin (13)
5       Bob Hicok(13)
5       Gerald Locklin(13)
6       John Grey (12)
6       Marge Piercy (12)
7       Stephen Dunn (11)
7       Richard Kostelanetz (11)
7       Dorianne Laux(11)
7       Charles Wright(11)

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